• Directors and managers should set an example to other staff in their observance of the BSELC Code of Conduct.
  • Ensure that all staff have access to copies of the Code of Conduct and other relevant documents and policies
  • Ensure the requirements of the Code of Conduct are reflected in the day-to-day management and leadership of staff
  • Ensure at all times, staff maintain high standards of conduct in the workplace
  • Investigate inappropriate conduct and ensure that when staff disclose this information they are supported
  • Represent BSELC positively and professionally when interacting with employees
  • Take final responsibility for the quality of care given, the work performed and the actions and decisions of employees at BSELC.


  • BSELC staff and educators will exercise sound judgement to determine what action, behaviour or conduct to take in any given situation
  • It is expected they will be honest and act with integrity in all aspects of their employment.
  • They will respect the rights of others by treating them fairly, courteously and without discrimination or harassment
  • Always uphold the rights of children, their parents and caregivers
  • Be respectful of persons of all ethnicities, cultures, values and beliefs
  • Promote the principles of equal opportunity at BSELC
  • Perform duties to the best of their ability and demonstrate commitment in a manner consistent with the BSELC Code of Conduct.
  • Be supportive of work colleagues and accepting of legitimate job responsibilities
  • Uphold the reputation and standing of the BSELC by being responsible for the security and confidentiality of all information that is gained during the course of your employment.
  • Treat all company property and assets with care and respect.


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BSELC is committed to providing the highest possible standard of early childhood education and care. It is only by adhering to this Code of Conduct, can BSELC create and maintain this reputation.