The BSELC Reggio Emiliacurriculum is co-constructed with the children as well as influenced by our family and the local community. It follows the five learning outcomes of the National Early Years Learning Framework:

  1. Children have a strong sense of identity.
  2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world.
  3. Children have a strong sense of well-being.
  4. Children are confident and involved learners.
  5. Children are effective communicators.

We value diversity and encourage tolerance for all cultures, and hold events for the whole BSELC community to become involved in.

Each day, BSELC educators and children meet and talk about what they have learnt, things they would like to learn about, discuss their current projects and make decisions on the learning opportunities to be made available for the day.

Our parents are also invited to be involved in our program. Their ideas and suggestions for learning opportunities can be added to the BSELC Parent Input Sheet. Parents are welcome to come into BSELC and share their many talents with the children and educators. Parent Input and Participation Sheets are available in each room’s Parent Communication Hub.

Detailed information about our curriculum is available at our BSELC locations. All new parents will also be able to review the curriculum in detail.

In general, our activities will include:


BSELC educators identify the children’s interests, develop appropriate projects and then explore them in detail. We believe play is an incredibly important part of your child’s learning process and so we design our projects around a fun and engaging concept that has them learning while they play.

We ensure all our projects are documented in a variety of forms, so we can make the learning progress visible to the families, educators and the community. Every child who completes our program comes out with a beautiful portfolio that highlights their unique and individual learning journey.


We offer a range of specialist BSELC programs to stimulate your child’s creativity and development. They are delivered by trained educators and include:

  • Readiness: A comprehensive school readiness program
  • Languages: Children learn greetings, colours, numbers, simple concept words, songs and listen to stories in Italian and Spanish
  • Artist-in-residence: Each BSELC location has a trained art coordinator who oversees the art program. Each week our educators will work with small groups of children helping them to document their ideas and understanding and knowledge, through visual arts as well as teaching specific art skills
  • Music: Our music program helps to develop children’s musical abilities and skills
  • Fitness: An innovative program that teaches children to love physical activity, develop motor and coordination skills and stresses the importance of being healthy.
  • Earth: Helps to develop your child’s understanding of the environment and sustainability. It will provide a way to integrate sustainability into BSELC and inspire and empower children, to take a pro-active interest in sustainability


It is our goal to have at least one key visitor to BSELC each term to provide children with a fun and dynamic learning experience.

These may include:

  • Fire, Police
  • Visits from community groups
  • Storytellers
  • Performance groups
  • Reptile experts
  • Music experiences
  • Kindi farm
  • Chicken / duck hatchings
  • Parents’ sharing talents.


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We value diversity and encourage tolerance for all cultures, and hold events for the whole BSELC community to become involved in.