BSELC recognises the importance of fostering positive interaction and engagement between staff, educators and the children they care for.

BSELC employees are to always interact and communicate with children in a professional and ethical manner ensuring the highest possible standards of care at all times.

Employees who have contact with children at our centres will respond and guide children in positive and meaningful interactions and will show respect for each child as an individual.

All BSELC staff and educators who have contact with children at our centres must ensure that they:

  • Interact with children frequently showing them respect and appropriate affection
  • Adhere to the BSELC Social Media and Technology policy in respect of any photographic or video images of children.
  • Respect each child’s individuality and attend to each child’s needs
  • Treat all children equally without bias whilst being aware of and recognising cultural needs.
  • Encourage and support children during their learning and development experiences
  • Use positive guidance and behaviour management
  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment for all children
  • Be available and respond to children in a friendly and courteous manner
  • Role-model appropriate behaviours to children
  • Foster positive self-concept, self-esteem and harmony
  • Actively listen and interact with children and understand issues and concerns from their perspective
  • Staff or educators must never handle children in a rough or inappropriate manner


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